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Day to day energy work  – a practical guide to Transformational Discoveries

Many years ago, I spent some time at a retreat with one of my sisters and a dear friend. We had been discussing energy work and how it can completely transform your life and they asked me to write down some basic energy techniques, as they didn’t know where to start or what to say.

It was with this in mind, that I began a collection of all the great techniques and tips that I had learned over the years and would add to it as and when I tried something new with good results. I don’t claim to have originated any of the content and have simply collected and adapted the information over the years.

Once you have learnt a technique, you can adapt it and make it your own – the most important aspect behind any energy work is your intention. What I have learnt time and time again, is that all is as it should be and my hope is that you will find the information and techniques as helpful as I have.

Please enjoy this Ebook with my compliments.
Peta Panos

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