Cameron & Glenn Broughton

As an adventurer, seeker of spirit, functions and conference organizer, group leader, entrepreneur, massage therapist, healing facilitator and mother, American born Cameron, has lived a very exciting and diverse life to date. She qualified as a Massage Therapist at the New England Institute of Muscle Therapy in Cambridge, Massachusetts and studied Shamanism with Naomi Lake, founder of Full Circle. In 1996, her passion for sacred sites led her to England where, through a serendipitous unfolding of events, she met her husband Glenn visiting the sacred sites in the southwest of England. Since then, she has been guiding people on spiritual journeys of discovery in England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta and the crop circle phenomenon.
Utilizing her skills as a qualified healer of twenty four years, Cameron leads meditations at the ancient sites to re-connect with our spiritual purpose and with the Earth. Connecting with the spirit of Place and the ancestors through ceremony, she brings a heart centered approach and passion to the experience.

Cameron is the co-founder and organizer of Earth Spirit Conferences, a bi-annual event in Vermont, USA since 2004 and host of the new Seeds of Expansion Teleseminars. Today, Glenn and Cameron spend 6 months of the year based in England exploring the sacred sites and the other 6 months based in Vermont where Cameron continues her healing practice of twenty one years as a massage therapist and energy healer.