Charlotte Szivak

Born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse & residing in the Waterfall Capital of the World; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Charlotte Is a Soul Igniter, an Alchemist, a Conscious Evolutionary intuitive guide with Full Sensory Perception (use of all abilities) gifting her with X-Ray vision, a background in Spiritual Energetic Psychology and a high vibrational frequency of healing enabling her in attuning to each souls unique vibrational signature assisting them with dissolving the dimensional veils of illusion.  A daring, witty universal adventurer embodying ancient wisdom, she triggers the divine blueprint  and cosmic key codes to the sacred – Light Language spanning from the Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantan and Avalonian eras.

Charlotte is honoured & thrilled to join the team at Spiritual Quest Journeys with over 6,000 years of past life experience and 23 years in this present one; she’s been leading global sacred journey’s since 2007 activating portals, exploring “Cities of Light”, facilitating expansive sacred ceremonies, retreats, & cruises.

As an Internationally renowned transformative intuitive and healer, Charlotte applies the most cutting-edge healing technologies, passionately inspires and empowers personal growth,  expanding your awareness in new horizons to thrive; illuminating the magic of infinite possibilities in all Multidimensional layers of your life and/or heart centered business; becoming ever more present with magnetic clarity thereby launching your legacy.

Charlotte is producer and host of the radio show “Goddess Alchemy and Divine Magic” on BBS Radio, a media personality and advisor / guest with numerous international T.V /talk shows (SLICE, USA, Discovery, SUN, Animal Planet Networks) movies, radio & print (ELLE Canada, REUTERS, Yahoo!). The Official Morning Show Psychic on Y108FM with Ben/Kerry & Shawna. She has also been nominated for Distinct Woman of the Year 2007/08/10 in Health and Wellness her articles appearing in several magazines/newspapers.

Charlotte is founder of TEA FOR TRIUMPH, an awareness fundraiser, creator of the Awakening Cruises of Enlightenment, & Spokesperson for the HBSPCA. A sought after inspirational keynote speaker, frequent web summit presenter, published writer, author of the forth-coming book “Soul Ignition; Divine Creation” and soul singer she facilitates Light-body activation/diamond geometry, fun-shops, Inter-Dimensional Passport journey’s,  sacred ceremonies, private intuitive, healing DNA sessions, Divine mastermind intensives,  red tents, women’s mysteries, Goddess Alchemy make-overs,  ascension programs, and retreats globally.