Sedona – beyond the Vortex

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Stupa at sunrise Sedona Cathedral Rock Peta with Einstein Sedona Bellrock by Hilton Sedona Resort

Since ancient times, sacred sites all over the world have had a mysterious allure for millions of people, drawn to their unexplained power and presence. Sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and awaken the soul with endless accounts of life-changing and profound experiences as testament. This newsletter feature endeavors to share interesting information on sacred sites and inspire you to experience them for yourself.

Sedona – Beyond the Vortex

One of our most popular tours is the mystical, magical and powerful Sedona and I am delighted to announce that Charlotte and I will be going back from the 25th May – 1 June  2015. The itinerary will remain similar to the 2014 version with enough time to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, as they always do. Here is my article on the last journey and I hope it will inspire you to join us this year.

Sedona 2014 – Journey diary
Undoubtedly one of the most powerful Sacred Sites on our planet, Sedona delights, inspires and shifts all those who visit her. The natural beauty of the red and orange sandstone formations is breathtaking and our incredible Feb journey there, was a perfect balance of the inner and outer journey – adventure, synchronicity, intense activations, personal development, bonding with like-minded people and a deep connection with the Earth, ourselves and each other.

Canadian born, Charlotte Szivak was our Journey Leader. Charlotte is a deeply gifted psychic, dedicated light worker and loads of fun to travel with. This was her 7th visit to Sedona so she guided us to all of the hidden gems with ease. Her activations were incredibly powerful and all of us went through processes, shifts and shadow integration throughout the journey.

Charlotte and I arrived on the night before the group and immediately went to the Airport Mesa, one of the major vortexes to greet and connect to Sedona’s energy, which you can feel as soon as you enter the greater Sedona area. Vortexes are funnel shaped created by the motion of spiraling energy and are similar to the energy found in our bodies so when we come into contact with them, it amplifies all that we are. Couple this natural energy with deep, profound energy processes and activations and the result is complete transformation producing significant and lasting positive changes in your life and the ability to master challenges with greater ease, grace and equanimity. An easy method of identifying where the vortexes are at their strongest is to look at the tree trucks, which are twisted by the vortex energy.

It is understandable that the ancients did not live in Sedona itself but rather in the surrounding areas and then traveled to the sacred sites for ceremony and pilgrimage. The energy is palpable in the centre of town, which can be overwhelming and not conducive to a good nights sleep – one of the many reasons we chose the Hilton Hotel, which is located in Oak Creek. The hotel has magnificent views of the majestic Bell Rock, a powerful yet nurturing vortex, all about physical healing and it was a blessing to rest in its energy at night.

Rising out of the mesa close to the Village of Oak Creek, Bell Rock stands tall as one of the more formidable vortexes in the Sedona area. Because of its topography, Bell Rock is considered an up flow vortex, spiraling energy up through its center radiating empowerment to all who visit and where we did our opening and closing ceremonies.

Besides offering 360 degree views and being the most sought after sunrise and sunset photo spot, The Airport Mesa Vortex (an inflow vortex) was the perfect vortex to release all that no longer served us. The activation here was done as the full moon was rising and we here saw a blue unidentified flying object dancing around the moon. Two of us were taking photo after photo of the moon and in every shot, just seconds apart, the blue UFO was in a completely different location!?!

Designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is beautiful and non‐denominational. It was completed in 1956 after nearly 2 years of construction and ranks as a favorite tourist attraction in the area. It is a masterpiece of simplicity: nestled beautifully into the red rocks and offering breathtaking views of the majestic Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and the eastern rim of Sedona. The energy of this location is one of the strongest and most easily felt in all of Sedona. The feeling at this site is one of inspiration, joy and gratitude including love, harmony, unity and ONEness with All that is. I loved the figures we could see in the rocks. Most prominent for me was an Eagles head and various faces, including a distinctly alien looking one.

After a spectacular Sunday brunch at the Enchantment Resort, we ventured into Boynton Canyon where the open topography creates an inflow vortex, cleansing the negative energies of the earth and its people.

After a few days, we realized that we had encountered a Blue Jay every time we were looking for our meditation site and it became great confirmation for us as this continued throughout the journey. In addition to the vortex sites, we enjoyed a sunrise at the Buddhist Stupa, visited the ruins of Palanaki, walked a labyrinth to balance male and female energies and tried to hold ourselves back when shopping in the many crystal and new age shops (not always successfully)

I really love that there is always something unexpected on the journeys and this is why I always say that we will cover every-thing on the itinerary although it may not be in the planned order as we allow room for guidance and synchronicity.

In addition to our planned activities, we were guided to attend an afternoon workshop with Bryan De Flores updating us on the latest Angel information and we were invited to a closed meditation group at the home of Jaap Van Etten, who has been researching Crystal Skulls for over 15 years and has written 2 books on the subject. We meditated with over 300 crystal skulls, which set us up nicely for what was to come…an afternoon with one of the ancient skulls called Einstein.. Carolyn Ford is the caretaker of Einstein and graciously joined us for an afternoon, we shared a Hoóponopono ceremony before a few of us chose to spent some private time with Carolyn and Einstein.

Whist I had heard of the legend of the ancient skulls and have picked up many crystal skulls in various crystal shops around the world, I had not yet been drawn to buy one. That changed in Sedona and I am now the proud owner of 2 beautiful small crystal skulls. What I find interesting is that in my private session with Einstein, Carolyn placed him behind my head so our crown chakras were lined up and I received, what I can only describe as, a download. I have felt a deep connection with him since then and he has been appearing in my personal meditations. Please let me know if you have had any cool experiences with crystal skulls as I feel my interest growing daily.

We shared our time with wonderful people: we laughed, we cried and most of all celebrated in gratitude that we were gifted with an incredible experience that will enhance all of our lives in so many ways. I always marvel at the profound inner journey that happens for each individual in the group, including my own.

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