Stuck in overwhelm?

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July 2014: Stuck in overwhelm?    

Do you dream about being in the flow of life? Trusting your intuition; making decisions with clarity; being in total alignment with your values; effortlessly and graciously moving through life where things just fall into place magically.

If your current reality is a never ending cycle of feeling stuck; wishing for more hours in every day to get through your to do list; pushing yourself harder and harder to do more, be more, have more, only to fall in bed exhausted and repeat the same cycle the next day, although never quite achieving your goals – you are out of the flow and stuck in overwhelm.

The problem with overwhelm is that we become frustrated, distracted, scattered, disconnected from our intuition, feel alone in the world, try to control every-thing and every-body around us (because we feel so out of control), seek advice from external sources, often people who aren’t in alignment with our own values and as we get older, cant spring back from endless hard work – sound familiar?

So, how do we get unstuck? The solution to being stuck in overwhelm is to be clear on what we really want, clear the blocks and then follow a clear step by step strategy on how to achieve it.

These point-by-point steps are the key:

  1. Realize you are stuck in overwhelm – once you have this awareness, half the work is already done. Overwhelm is a state of mind that you can change as soon as you realize you are in it.
  2. Take responsibility for your state of mind – if your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions have created overwhelm, the same are key to getting you unstuck.
  3. Grab a paper and pen and write down what you really want – the process of writing really helps you to find the real issue. If you find you have too many items on your list, prioritize them and consistently work through each one until you have your action plan in place. You may find that many of the items are distractions and on second look, can be taken off the list or left for a later time once your most pressing goals have been achieved.
  4. Close your eyes, get present, grounded and connected to Source/God and in the stillness, imagine having what you really want (really connect into how you would feel). Do you feel: a) excited, happy and expansive or b) fearful, contracted, worried or blocked. If a) there are no blocks so ask yourself what is in the way of this happening and what you would need to do for this to happen? (This gets you clarity) now translate this in action steps (small bite sized chunks) and put the action steps into your planner. If b) make a note of how you feel and then ask yourself why you feel that way – this will give you clarity on your block.
  5. Once you know what the block is, ask yourself what you really know about it? What would need to happen to remove the block? Ask yourself why you don’t already have what you are wanting?
  6. If you have stumbled onto a limiting belief or fear, ask yourself: is this real or did I inherit this belief/make it up/decide that was how it was? As we create our own realities made up of our personal worldview (the sum of our experiences, beliefs, conditioning, all we have learned) what we see, hear and think is filtered/perceived through our worldview. The good news is that we live in a world of infinite possibilities so all of our beliefs are a choice. Ask yourself what a more supportive belief would allow you to have what you want? e.g: If you want to receive more money and realize that the belief you hold around money is “money doesn’t grow on trees” a more supporting belief would be: “money already exists, I raise my vibration to attract money easily and effortlessly. More and more money is coming to me every day” Another example would be wanting to find a partner and recognizing that your block is “all the good men are taken so why bother looking” a more supporting belief would be: “The perfect man for me already exists, I embody all of the qualities that I appreciate in him and magnetize him to me”
  7. Once you have worked through all of the reasons why you don’t already have what you want and you can feel excited and expanded when imagining yourself having what you want, then make the decision that you can and will have it and put your action steps in place.

Once you decide that you can have what you want, your energy shifts you back into flow and you have broken through your block. If you find your mind chatter keeps on replaying the old belief, catch yourself and repeat your new belief until it become automatic.

I would love to hear how this impacts on your life so please drop me a note in the comments section below and wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings.

Love and blessings

Managing Director
Spiritual Quest Journeys

Picture Credit: Michael Lorentz (Passage to Africa)

Spiritual Sites with Spiritual Quest Journeys

Since ancient times, sacred sites all over the world have had a mysterious allure for millions of people, drawn to their unexplained power and presence. Sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and awaken the soul with endless accounts of life-changing and profound experiences as testament. This newsletter feature endeavours to share interesting information on sacred sites and inspire you to experience them for yourself.

Egypt – Alchemy & Divine Egyptian Magick

Egypt is an incredible destination. It is hard to explain how you will feel when you visit it for the first time. For me, and so many others – it felt like going home. It kind of makes sense though, considering Egypt is where it all began.

What blew me away time and time again was how these incredible structures were built, who built them and when. When you are standing next to the Great Pyramid or at the temples in Luxor for example – the sheer enormity of them makes the mind boggle…

There is the 12 hundred ton unfinished Obelisk in Aswan (was not completed as it cracked) where you can see that the entire Obelisk is carved out of the rock in one piece and down the side of the obelisk, it looks like there are spoonfuls of rock that have been scooped out like ice-cream. How was this possible?

Then on Saqqara, the Serapeum, recently reopened to the public and was thought to be associated with the Apis Bull cult (although no bulls or human bodies were found in them and the boxes are so huge and heavy, it seems impossible that they could have been made or moved even with modern day technology. Khemitology research indicates that these boxes are far more ancient than the writings found on and around them and that they were an integral part of a huge energy device.

Egypt has so many unanswered questions, and literally at every site, which is why it is so worthwhile to have Patricia and Yousef from the khemit perspective, Mohamed from an Egyptology perspective and Charlotte Szivak as the Journey Leader facilitating the groups inner personal journey.

I loved hearing about the various theories and to be at the sites when you do, is even more exciting. One thing is certain, you cant help but be enthralled and Egypt is a hard fascination to let go of once your curiosity has been peaked.

I find it interesting that whilst Egypt is on most people’s bucket lists, there comes a time, when the magnetic pull of Egypt becomes urgent. Despite planning many trips over the years, something always prevented me from getting there and finally I was able to answer her call in 2012 and went twice in one year! I wrote an account of here our experiences here 12/12/12 Journey to Egypt

So, if you are feeling the call, we have an awesome journey coming up. It’s a 12 day journey from the 8th – 109h Nov and has many highlights including: Private group access into the King´s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, between the paws of the Sphinx and the Chapel of Sekhmet at Karnak ~ Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Amarna and the Powerful Spirit found at the Monuments in Luxor, Aswan and Giza ~ The Holy of holies Inner Sanctum at Philae (Temple of Isis) ~ Interaction with teachers of Egyptian indigenous wisdom ~ Excursions to rarely visited sites including Esna ~ Two visits to the Giza Plateau ~ Discover the Sacred Symbology & Birthright of Abundance with a full day touring at Saqqara and the Cosmic Key codes of Dashur ~ World Famous Cairo Museum ~ Visit the world famous Valley of the Kings and the Colossi of Memnon ~ Sunrise visit to Karnak in Luxor ~ Nile Cruise ~ Exploration of the magnificent Temples along the Nile River in Upper Egypt ~ Optional hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor ~ Double Harmony Sound Ceremony inside the Red Pyramid at Dashur ~ Experience Healing Energies still present in the ancient hospital at Saqqara ~ Visits to Dendera and Abydos.

The journey is hosted by Patricia and Yousef Awyan and Mohamed Ibrahim – our resident Egyptologist and Journey leader, Charlotte Szivak who brings a wealth of knowledge and insight.

Whilst there have been travel warnings in the past, most countries have lifted their advisories and our crew on the ground in Cairo assure that all is quiet. Our 12/12/12 group travelled in Egypt at the height of the `problems´ and yet the we did not have any “problems” whatsoever. If you would like to join our journey although feel concerned about safely, I am happy to set up a skype call with American born Patricia Awyan who lives in Cairo and tours with groups around Egypt constantly.

For more information and reservations, please visit Egypt – Alchemy & Divine Egyptian Magick

HOLOGRAPHIC JOURNEY:  Activate your Inter-Dimensional Passport!

For those who are unable to join this journey physically, you are welcome to join holographically by sending Charlotte your name and picture. Soul travel is possible as we open a vortex of light and place your picture into the sacred chamber to receive the transmissions suspended in time to be received at your chosen time or when entering into sacred space


A LIGHT VORTEX will be activated for those joining in holographically or located across the globe regardless of time zones so you may receive our daily journey’s powerful Transmissions at each sacred site. These daily transmission will be programmed ‘suspended in time’ available until your intention initiates the process.

You will receive an itinerary of the journey and instructions on how to prepare your space and yourself to receive these rarefied diamond-clear light transmission that will immerse your entire body, aura, and hologram. Some may wish to invoke this before bedtime, others accessing in meditation.  The important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way only what is for your highest benefit, potential and the Good of All.

As you step through the dimensional doorway journeying with us to mystical Egypt you are granted access beyond the multi-faceted layers that represent your deepest understanding of who you really are; a Temple, an Ashram of Light – A Sacred Being of Light embodiment – an intricate enigma complex that is you: your highest unlimited potential, gifts, talents, your infused purpose and diamond essence divinity.

For more information and to sign up for your Inter-dimensional passport, please contact Peta at Peta@spiritualquestjourneys.com

Where are you going in 2014?

Where are you going in 2014? Check out our incredible journey offering:

In a world where we are overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of technology, responsibilities and relentless pursuit of our goals, it is critical that we regularly take some time to step back from our day to day lives and objectively reassess where we are on our life path, who we have become, and more importantly, who we choose to be in the future.

At Spiritual Quest Journeys, we believe that there is no better way to do this, than to explore both our outer and inner worlds. Our spiritual tours explore ancient sacred sitesmystical and magical locationsfascinating placesholistic wellness centers and retreats around the world. Most importantly, we recognize that time away is hard earned vacation time and our tours are imbued with a sense of excitement, adventure and fun.

As spiritual travelers ourselves, we acknowledge the importance of a well balanced tourism offering, and each itinerary is carefully designed to offer a subtle blend of seamless destination management; interconnectedness with the earth, exploration of the area and culture; personal development, relaxation and integration time; ceremonies and meditation; group consciousness support and guidance; and something unique and exclusive. In essence, unique travel experiences that an individual would be hard pressed to create on their own.

So if you are waiting to exhale or looking for an amazing life changing experience, explore our website or contact us.

Life changing spiritual tours to enrich your life

Ancient Mysteries, Modern Messages – Sacred Sites and Crop Circles Sacred Sites and Crop Circles England | 20 – 29 July 2014 Peru – Matters of the Heart Peru – Expansion of the Heart 
Peru | 15 – 29 August 2014
Ireland – Land of Leprechauns and Celtic magic Land of Leprechauns and Celtic Magic 
Ireland | 22 – 31 August 2014
Discover the spirit of Etruscan Italy The spirit of Etruscan Italy
Italy | 25 Sept – 2 Oct 2014
Nepal – Yoga, Yaks and Yetis Nepal – Yoga, Yaks and Yetis
Nepal | 1 – 11 Nov 2014
Tour pic Diversity and Dharma of India
India | Nov 2014
Egypt Ancient Egyptian Wisdom and Mysticism
Egypt | 8 – 20 November 2014
Tour pic Spectacular South Africa 
South Africa | Dec 2014
Sedona Journey Sedona – Beyond the Vortex
USA | February 2014


If you would prefer to travel on your own or with friends and family, we can tailor make tours to all of our destinations.

If you are unable to make the journeys physically, we do offer Holographic Journeys on all tours with Charlotte Szivak. For the upcoming holographic Journey to Egypt, please visit Egypt – Alchemy & Divine Egyptian Magick and scroll to the bottom of the page for more details. To book, please contact Peta@spiritualquestjourneys.com

If you believe you have what it takes to be a journey leader and would like to travel with your own groups, please contact me: Peta@spiritualquestjourneys.com

Intuitive Soul Readings

Peta brings a gentle intuitive authority to her work, along with her beautiful voice which easily draws you into a guided experience, allows you to surrender for a time, keeps you feeling safe, all the while supporting you through your blind spots to a transformation you can literally feel happening inside. Where other wise it may feel scary going into the unknown alone, you come out the other side feeling more yourself and at home with a whole lot of breathing space to now create from.”

Katherine Lia Cantwell – U.S.A

Would you change your life if you had more time?

If this months featured article rang true for you and you are in such overwhelm you don’t know where to start, contact Peta for a personal intuitive coaching session. With your permission, Peta will tune in and read your energy as it is currently and assist you to identify your blocks and remove them

Sessions are available over skype or in person.

For more information and for bookings, please email me at Peta@spiritualquestjourneys.com.

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