The Joys of living authentically

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June 2014: The Joys of living authentically 

Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses?

Are you convinced that every-one is living a better life than you?

Do you have your own opinion about things or prefer to get the general consensus before speaking out on a topic?

Do you wear various masks depending on whom you are with?

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you – Steve Maraboli

In a society where we are conditioned to conform from birth, it is little wonder that, at times, we find ourselves being sheeple rather than individuals. The mainstream media programs us to be stick thin; wear the latest labels; live in an aspirational house in the right neighborhood and align our values with corporations, banking institutions and government.

We have all experienced times where our mind chatter is saying one thing on the inside and the politically correct thing on the outside. And yet, have you ever noticed how good it feels to be yourself and speak your mind openly and honestly?

When you resist an un-owned part of yourself, life becomes a mirror and you will continually be confronted with your own projections, until you face it.

The truth is – energy never lies and when you are feeling insecure, unworthy, insincere, trying to be all things to all people or simply hiding who you really are – people pick up your projection and feel your inauthenticity.

When you truly know and accept who you are on every level, you naturally feel compassion for those around you without judgment and your energy projects the inner, peaceful, beautiful, unique and authentic you.

To really understand how to be authentic  – we have to look at what being authentic is. The dictionary defines it as real, genuine, true and accurate – not copied or false. In other words: being authentic is who you really are, on the inside, not who you think you should be in order to achieve whatever you want (to be liked, loved, hired, chosen etc)

Every person on the planet is unique in some way and when you are authentic, you live your purpose – it can even be said that your purpose is to be authentically you!

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be – May Sarton

How to meet your true and authentic self:

  • Use a journal to write down your realizations on your journey of self discovery
  • Look behind the various masks that you wear for expressions of your authentic self, without fear or judgment
  • Ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly:
  1. Who are you really? (This may include the various roles you play e.g Mother, Wife, Sister etc so use descriptive words to describe how you see yourself in those roles e.g. Dedicated and fun loving/Distant and sloppy Mother; Loyal and sensual/Resentful and bored wife; friendly and caring/detached and judgmental Sister etc)
  2. What is really important to you?
  3. What values do you subscribe to?
  4. What do you love doing?
  5. What brings you joy?
  6. What do you admire in others (these aspects are in you too)
  7. What do you dislike in others (so are these aspects)
  • As you get to know the different sides to you, you may discover things about yourself that you don’t like. Remember that what you resist, persists and we all have the potential for every expression of our personalities so once an un-liked aspect of yourself comes into your awareness, you have the choice of accepting this aspect, shifting it, releasing it or simply choosing to change your behavior.

When there are no enemies within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you -African proverb

When you live authentically, you:

  • Value yourself on who you are, not what you do
  • Know who you are at your inner core
  • Can see the value of your talents, idiosyncrasies and wisdom
  • Live more freely and fully
  • Are happy to stand up for your beliefs and to stand out in a crowd
  • Experience more intuition and immediately know what resonates with you
  • Are comfortable saying No
  • Naturally attract other authentic people to you
  • Come to terms with and integrate your shadow aspects
  • Accept all aspects of yourself – the good and the bad and all these traits simply become part of who you are
  • Let go of judgment of yourself and others
  • Practice self care – if you don’t look after yourself, you are no good to anybody else (your kids included)

There are times that even the most authentic people go through phases of fear, uncertainty, frustration and insincerity – this is the human experience and how we grow. As always, the trick is to notice your own thoughts, words and actions and when you notice that you aren’t being your authentic self, look within for the answers.

I would love to hear how this impacts on your life so please drop me a note in the comments section below and wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings.

Love and blessings

Managing Director
Spiritual Quest Journeys

Picture Credit: Master your Inner Magician – Merlin in Sedona by Peta Panos

Spiritual Sites with Spiritual Quest Journeys

Since ancient times, sacred sites all over the world have had a mysterious allure for millions of people, drawn to their unexplained power and presence. Sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and awaken the soul with endless accounts of life-changing and profound experiences as testament. This newsletter feature endeavours to share interesting information on sacred sites and inspire you to experience them for yourself.

Nepal – Yoga, Yaks and Yetis Safari Adventure

Nepal is a tiny country in the Himalayas lodged between China and India. It ranges in height from only 60m above sea level to its highest point (almost 9000m) at the summit of Mount Everest. This incredible country is gentle, imbued with spirituality and the perfect Mecca to host our exciting Yoga safari Adventure.

The best time to travel to Nepal is between October and December, as autumn tends to be dry and mild, and not too humid and precisely why we planned our Yoga Safari from the 1st – 12th Nov this year. As many airlines fly into Kathmandu. You can arrive via Delhi, Singapore or even Bangkok so don’t delay in signing up as the journey is limited to only 10 guests.

Debs Carter, the wonderful Journey Leader on this safari, recently travelled to Nepal to research this safari and here is her story:

Our Nepal Yoga Adventure took us on a 12-day journey that encompassed all the best that Nepal has to offer.  We explored the ancient heart of Kathmandu, its capital, and took gentle treks along the lower Annapurna’s.  We stayed in wonderfully comfortable lodges, and enjoyed excellent meals on the hike.  River rafting in Nepal’s unspoiled wilderness was another highlight, as was a magnificent elephant back safari into the Chitwan jungle.  The whole tour was a journey into the heart of Nepal and into oneself. The addition of yoga or meditation every day added peace and serenity to our journey and made it complete.

The historic centre of Kathmandu is intoxicating. We visited many of the city’s key attractions: Kathmandu’s bazaars, which are colourful and utterly captivating. The Buddhist stupa of Bodhnath, whose big, rounded, white base is crowned with a tower and pyramid on which Buddha’s all-seeing eyes are painted; strings of prayer flags flutter down from the stupa and the air resounds with bells and chanting.  Dunbar Square has temples dating back to the 12th century and Kumarighar where the House of the Living Goddess is home to a young girl worshipped as a deity, (her residence is set around a lovely courtyard with ornately carved woodwork).

Our 4-day, lodge-to-lodge trek took us around the valley of the Modi River near the end of the Annapurna Circuit.  The trek was relatively easy.   Easy is not an adjective you might think applies to Nepal’s terrain, but the paths are well maintained and only sometimes steep, but nothing was too strenuous. Our friendly porters carried our luggage along with us and made our trekking experience a real delight.

A big advantage of the lodge-to-lodge hike as opposed to the tea-house or tented trek is that you get away from the main trails, allowing you to share quiet routes with farmers and the domestic transit of local people and animals. Along the way we saw women carrying large bundles of aromatic plants on their heads, strong young men gently transporting huge loads of eggs in baskets on their backs, and mule trains with large jute sacks filled with grain. The landscape of terraced hills is quite breathtaking, and the intricacies of daily life compelling. We gazed down on man and ox skillfully ploughing his fields, encountered groups of talkative children going to school, and watched millet being threshed by yaks walking round a pole.

The three lodges where we stayed each offers a dramatic view of the Annapurna range: Holy Macchapucchare (or Fishtail Mountain) is particularly magnificent from Sanctuary Lodge at Birethani; Annapurna South looms large over the lovely gardens at Garung Lodge; and Annapurna Four is dramatically etched out against the sky in front of Basanta lodge. The service at the lodges is the best; friendly staff welcomed us with lemonade on our arrival at the lodge, brought us hot tea to our rooms at 6:30 a.m., prepared delicious meals, and made sure we had hot water for our showers; it was all a joy.

The daily yoga helped us to stretch out our muscles from each day’s hike and left us feeling prepared and ready for the following day’s trek.  Sitting in a comfortable chair and contemplating the mountains was a most wonderful way to relax.

Rafting on the Seti River brought a wonderful interlude between the hiking and the safari in Chitwan.  Floating on a raft on crystal waters in pristine wilderness with no other tourists is something to behold in Nepal.  We were treated to excellent bush cuisine and enjoyed gentle walks into the local villages from our camp.  Our guides were full of information about Nepal, its people and culture.  They kept us entertained with their stories about the Gurkahs and Sherpas.

After our safari camp we headed to the wonderful Kasara lodge in the Chitwan region where we not only got to ride an elephant and see the magnificent armoured rhino, but also experience the magical way the mahout (elephant handler) connects with his animal.  Another benefit the lodge is that we were also able to pamper ourselves with a massage or facial if we chose.  The bird walks in the area were fascinating, and to see large flocks of cranes flying was a treat.

All in all, our 12-day stay in Nepal was an exceptional journey that brought us a variety of adventures, helped bond new friendships and gave us memories to take home of an adventure we will most certainly remember for the rest of our lives. I cant wait to go back in November and look forward to sharing another amazing adventure with the group.

For more information and reservations, please visit Nepal – Yoga, Yaks and Yetis

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In a world where we are overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of technology, responsibilities and relentless pursuit of our goals, it is critical that we regularly take some time to step back from our day to day lives and objectively reassess where we are on our life path, who we have become, and more importantly, who we choose to be in the future.

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Intuitive Soul Readings

“A couple of years ago, I was going through the toughest period of my life. A lot was changing in my private and professional life. Everything I believed in, turned out to be different than what I had initially thought. It was if I woke up one day and the world had turned upside down. A relationship was brutally coming to an end, a home-related situation was difficult, and changes were about to effect me at work.

Seeing Peta Panos and receiving her help was an eye opener. It gave me new perspective. New meaning. And most importantly, she gave me hope. Her guidance made me able to focus on and to navigate towards the right direction for me. Life can give you surprises, and not all of them are pleasant. But in the long run, changes can also be corrections, learnings and opportunities.

Peta guided me with advice and supplied me with tools, that I have since used. It has made me secure of my decisions and actions. It gave me endings and new beginnings, and it opened doors to a life that today has meaning and great value, both privately and professionally. Life has never been better, and I hardly dare to believe it. I can whole-heartedly recommend Peta´s sessions, and I wish her the very best of luck for the future”.

EF – Norway

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